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You came here because you need help. We are here to help. Whether you are here because you or a loved one was injured, or charged with a crime, or you are facing a divorce or custody dispute, you need someone who will take your side, guide you through the legal labyrinth, and fight to protect you…

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A graduate of Gerry Spence’s renowned Trial Lawyers College, Todd, has been helping people through troubled times for decades. It started with working as the Public Defender for the City of Clarkston in 1997, the ability to care for clients as people set Todd apart. It continues today; clients find they have more than just an attorney representing them, they have someone who cares about them, and a firm that works for them. The professional, yet personal, touch that is brought to each case from this firm is part of what makes it remarkable. Dedicated and experienced staff know your case and are available to ensure that your questions get answered, and your case is cared for.

We don’t just take every case that comes through our door.

Because we are selective in the cases we accept, we are able to ensure that your case will get the attention it needs. You and your case are important to us. You deserve and will receive personal attention of the attorney and staff.

It is because of this personal commitment to you that we feel it is important to carefully evaluate each case to ensure that we are the right firm for you and that Todd is the right attorney to work with you as a client. When you are fortunate enough to be represented by this firm, you do have A law firm that WORKS for you!

Definition of Infractions:

a civil public offense, punishable only by a penalty not exceeding $300 and for which no period of incarceration may be imposed.

Definition of Misdemeanor
a crime which is greater than an infraction and less than a felony with penalties of a maximum fine of $1000, jail of up to six (6) months, or both] and felonies [hover for definition: a crime which is punishable with death or by imprisonment in the state prison. Felonies will also carry monetary penalties.

Definition of Felony
a crime which is punishable with death or by imprisonment in the state prison. Felonies will also carry monetary penalties.

Idaho defines a crime as public offense in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it, and to which is annexed, upon conviction, either of the following punishments: 1) death; 2) imprisonment; 3) fine; 4) removal from office; or 5) disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit in the state.